Soft Enamel Lapel Pins: What Makes Them Such a Popular Choice?

Soft Enamel Pins

Did you know that most of the lapel pins you see have one main thing in common?

They're made of soft enamel.

Soft enamel is by far the most common material used for custom lapel pins. It's easy to see why:

  • It's affordable.
  • It's beautiful.
  • It's vividly colorful.
  • It's extremely durable.
  • It features a rich embossed texture, with raised edges that keep the colors from bleeding into each other.

Best of all, it's incredibly versatile. Since it's not polished like hard enamel, it's more flexible and malleable, so it allows for a wider range of customized designs.

All things considered, then, if you're seeking premium pins at a price that won't bust your budget, you may want to consider soft enamel.

What Exactly Is Soft Enamel?

 For starters, it's not actually soft. So, rest assured your lapel pins can stand up to years of daily wear!

Unlike hard enamel, soft enamel:

  • Is layered, not smooth
  • Is baked at a lower temperature
  • Captures subtler design details
  • Has more vibrant colors
  • Can be painted a wider range of custom hues, including black and even rainbow finishes
  • Is faster to produce

 Our Die-Struck Process for Creating Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

 At Sunset Pins & Coins, it all starts with your design.

If you already have your own custom design, we can most likely work with it. Just make sure it's relatively simple, without too many thin lines.

If you prefer, you can choose from our in-house collection of customizable designs. Or you can develop a custom design “from scratch” with our expert help and guidance.

Once you've chosen your design, we'll create a steel mold – or die – that precisely captures its every contour in reverse relief. Then, we'll stamp this die onto a sheet of metal – usually brass, copper, or iron.

To do this, we'll use a hydraulic press, which drops hundreds of tons of pressure onto the metal base. This intense pressure literally molds the metal into the shape of the die, with ridges for sharp definition and cavities in between.

Next, we'll pour colored enamel into the recessed cavities. A different brilliant color will fill each separate section, depending on the design. The process is so precise that even the tiniest cavity will receive its own enamel hue. (Remember, the design's raised edges will prevent the various colors from getting mixed together.)

Finally, we'll fire the pin, then allow it to cool and cure (harden). As the enamel cures, it will settle down at a lower level than the surrounding metal edges. This will give your pin its signature textured look, with that subtle 3D effect which conveys exquisite artistry. You'll see and feel the difference!

If you like, we can also apply custom trims, such as gold or silver plating or painted finishes. These options will add extra expense, but they can also make your lapel pins gleam with special splendor.

Of course, you'll also need strong, secure backings to attach your pins to the lapels. We offer:

  • Free of charge: your choice of rubber clutch backs or butterfly clutch backs
  • For an additional charge: deluxe clutch backs, jewelry clutch backs, or safety pin backs

 Flag Pins and More: A Few Select Examples of Soft Enamel Pins

 What sort of lapel pins work well with soft enamel? Practically any kind you can think of. Here are just some of our high-demand options:

  • Flag Pins: Whether it's Old Glory, your state flag, or any other state or national banner, it will translate beautifully into soft enamel. Classic American flag pins provide a perfect example. The white stars and stripes will be slightly raised, while the red stripes and star-spangled blue background will be filled with brilliantly colored enamel. The end result will be impressively patriotic!
  • Badges: Do you belong to a club, professional group, or service organization? Show off your membership – tastefully – with a soft enamel lapel pin. Our hydraulic dye-stamping process produces clear, crisp edges, so it's ideal for logos and lettering.
  • Sports Team Pins: Ready to showcase your team's logo or motto? Soft enamel is the perfect medium. Available in virtually any shape and size – ranging from .75" to 2" – it captures every detail, from the contours of a helmet to the whiskers of an animal mascot.
  • Fundraising, Promotional, Corporate, Commemorative, and Cause Awareness Pins: Simply bring us your idea – even if it's just a rough sketch – and our skilled, experienced team will work closely with you to create an eye-catching professional design that clearly conveys your message.

And remember, soft enamel pins are easier to produce than some other types of lapel pin, so they're more budget-friendly. Delivery is also faster. At Sunset Pins & Coins, we deliver in 10 to 12 business days after you place your order.