Ready to Profit from the Pin-Trading Trend?

Pin trading is all the rage right now. You’ll find it literally everywhere – at Etsy, eBay and Amazon; on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Plus, it’s popular at multiple real-life hangouts, from fairs, festivals, and flea markets to theme parks, trade shows, and others.

What’s more, there’s plenty of opportunity to cash in on this profitable craze, whether you’re a novice entrepreneur, a seasoned Amazon seller, or a rep for a school, church, or club. After all, pin traders need pins to trade, correct? So, why not supply those pins? It’s easy when you go through a respected manufacturer like Sunset Pins & Coins.

If you’re ready to get in on the action, here are some things you’ll want to know.

First, of course, “pins” refers to lapel pins: decorative metal badges/buttons. They usually measure between 3/4-inch and 2 inches with clutch-and-post backs. They can be attached to a collar, lapel, book bag, backpack, tote, ball cap, lanyard, and lots of other places.

Pin traders collect and exchange these pins at conventions, club confabs, and similar gatherings, as well as online, of course.

Who are pin traders? They’re people with a passion. Some are passionate about sports. Others are nuts over superheroes. Or movie stars. Or anime characters. Or video games. Or fandoms. Or their favorite clubs and associations. Or their church or parachurch ministries.

Which niche should you target? That depends on several factors: your own affiliations (personal or professional); the results of your market research; or simply your own avid interests. If you’re a pin trader yourself with a particular interest, you may want to turn your hobby into a ready source of revenue.

How Can You Capitalize on the Pin-Trading Craze?

  • Zero in on your target market. Identify an interest group sizable enough to make it worth your while. Make sure they’re already actively trading pins. And find out where they hang out, both off- and online.
  • Determine your quantity. At Sunset Pins & Coins, we make custom lapel pins in quantities ranging from 100 to10,000. Take stock of the size of your potential market, then base your initial order on this educated “guesstimate.” And remember, it doesn’t hurt to start small. You can always order more when you sell out your first batch of pins.
  • Decide on your design. It can be a rough concept – a quick sketch or even a mental image. Our expert pin designers can translate any idea into finished digital artwork that perfectly captures what you have in mind. Working closely with you, we’ll keep right on fine-tuning until we’ve got it right.

Already have a completed design? That’s even better. We’ll make sure it can be rendered as a premium metal lapel pin. If we have to tweak it very slightly in order to make it work, we’ll let you know and get your buy-in before we proceed with changes. 

Decide What Kind of Lapel Pins to Offer

Sunset Pins & Coins gives you several options.

Three of these pins are die-struck. That means your digital design is used to create a die: a detailed reproduction of the original image, except in reverse (inside out). Then this precision die is stamped onto a strip of metal, usually copper, brass, or iron. A special hydraulic press applies hundreds of pounds of pressure to create an exact 3D replica of the initial design.

Our fourth choice features a different technology: full-color offset photography.  

All options yield a superb finished product, certain to attract savvy traders both online and offline. Here’s a brief breakdown to help you decide which option is best for you:

  • Soft enamel pins. These affordable die-struck pins are known for their eye-catching texture, with raised metal ridges and shallow channels filled with colorful enamel. By far your most budget-friendly option, they’re also the quickest to produce.
  • Hard enamel pins (cloisonné). They’re die-struck, just like soft enamel, but that’s where the resemblance ends. These elegant pins have a sleek, smooth surface, buffed to a brilliant sheen. They’re extremely hard and durable, so they’re ideal for traders and collectors seeking an heirloom keepsake.
  • Die-Struck Pins. Unlike soft and hard enamel pins, these simple, sophisticated pins have no colored enamel fill. Instead, they’re plated with a premium metal like gold, silver, or copper. Often they’re also burnished to create a vintage effect.
  • Offset Printed Pins. These eye-popping pins capture all the rich color, clarity, nuance, and realism of classic offset photography. Result: They’re perfect for showcasing photos of celebrities and famous athletes.

Next, Arrange for Production of Your Customized Trading Pins

You’ve identified your market – the pin traders you want to target. You’ve decided on your design. You’ve chosen the type of pin to produce. Now what?

Call Sunset Pins & Coins at 800-890-2789 or email We’ll set you up with an expert representative who’ll work with you throughout the entire process, from concept through finished product.

Then, once your beautiful pins are safely delivered, you can start marketing them to traders and collectors at all your favorite venues.