Die-Struck Lapel Pins: The Simple, Sophisticated Way to Stand Out in the Crowd

Sometimes you just want something simple – a classic, timeless lapel pin that can serve a wide range of purposes.

Consider Die-Struck Lapel Pins

Die-struck pins are crafted in much the same way as enamel pins. A die – a mold of the pin design – is stamped into a strip of metal.

But that’s where the similarity ends. Unlike soft and hard enamel pins, traditional die-struck pins have no enamel fill at all. Instead, they’re plated with a decorative metal like gold, silver, or copper. Sometimes, they’re also antiqued for a weathered vintage effect.

This process gives die-struck pins their distinctive elegant look, with clean lines, crisp details, and jewelry-like glow. Result? These tasteful pins work well with uniforms, suit jackets, and other workplace attire. No wonder businesses, schools, clubs, and organizations love them!

For example, die-struck lapel pins frequently serve as:

  • Corporate logo pins
  • Years-of-service pins
  • Employee anniversary pins
  • Award pins for special accomplishments
  • Recognition pins – “employee of the month”; “teacher of the year”; etc.
  • Employee badges
  • Memorial pins
  • Club membership pins
  • Student achievement pins for commencements and award ceremonies
  • ID badges for public-facing professionals like realtors, hotel staff, and salespeople

But that’s just the bare beginning. Dye-struck lapel pins can also have countless other purposes, in contexts ranging from weddings to family reunions and more.

Choose die-struck pins if:

  • You prefer simple, sophisticated designs
  • You’re on a budget (these pins typically cost less)
  • You’re in a time crunch (they’re faster to produce)
  • You want premium keepsake pins that will last for years
  • You simply like the lustrous look of precious or semi-precious metal

How We Create Our Die-Struck Lapel Pins

As we’ve already mentioned, the initial process is the same one we use for our enamel lapel pins.

We start with your design. Have just a rough idea of what you want? Or a fully developed professional design? Or anything in between? Reach out to us. Our expert designers are thoroughly trained in metal pin design, a specialized field that differs significantly from other types of design. They’ll take your concept and deftly turn it into digital artwork, which will meet all the specs and requirements for the dye-struck stamping process.

Sometimes we may have to tweak your design very slightly for technical reasons – for instance, if it’s a bit too complex to render well in metal. In such cases, of course, we’ll let you know, and we’ll always get your sign-off on any minimal changes. In fact, you’ll be involved each step of the way, vetting and approving the design to make sure it’s exactly what you want.

Next We’ll Create the Die. Once we have the final digital artwork – completed to your satisfaction – we’ll feed it into a special engraving machine, which will carve every detail of your design into a solid steel base.

The result will be your die: a precision-cut stamping mold that perfectly captures your design, but in reverse relief.

Then Comes the Stamping Process. That’s when we insert your die into a hydraulic press. Using hundreds of pounds of pressure, this powerful press will stamp the die onto a metal strip –  usually brass or copper or some other softish metal that produces a sharp impression.

The result is your pin blank: a 3D metal replica of your lapel pin artwork, with raised edges defining the outlined design and recessed cavities in between.

Next, we’ll use a punch or trimming tool to cut away excess metal from around the pin blank. This will produce a crisp metal pin with clearly defined edges.

Now We’re Ready to Plate Your Pin. You’ll choose the plating metal – usually gold, silver, or copper. You can even choose antique gold or silver for a classy retro effect. Plus, you can combine two different metals – or add some bold black trim – for a truly distinctive look.

Once we plate your pin, the recessed areas will have a shadowy look, while the raised edges will catch the light for eye-popping contrast. If you wish, we can sandblast the recessed sections to create even more shade and texture. That way, the pin’s brighter raised edges will stand out even more.

Finally, We’ll Polish the Pin’s Raised Edges for a brilliant mirror-like finish with a gorgeous gem-like gleam. Result: an even more dramatic contrast with the recessed areas. You’ll love the stunning embossed effect!

How to Order Your Dye-Struck Lapel Pins

  1. Contact us at 1-800-890-2789 or info@sunsetpinsandcoins.com.
  2. Send us your idea.
  3. Decide on your size. We can accommodate anything from .75 inch to a full 2 inches.
  4. Decide on your quantity – from 100 to 10,000 and up.
  5. Decide what kind of plating you want – gold, silver, or something else.
  6. Decide whether you want us to sandblast the recessed areas or leave them as is, with a flat matte texture.
  7. Decide what kind of backing you want. We provide rubber clutches and butterfly clutches free of charge. We offer deluxe clutch backs, jewelry clutches, and safety-pin backs at modest additional cost.
  8. Work with our friendly representative to ensure your complete satisfaction!