Custom Offset Printed Pins:  Limitless Options for Photo-Realistic Designs

Prefer something out of the ordinary? Ready to make a stunning impression with eye-popping photo realism? Consider offset printed lapel pins. These detailed full-color pins represent your business, club, team, or fandom with show-stopping brilliance and accuracy. They’re truly in a league of their own. And they’re available for easy ordering in sizes from .75 inch to 1.5 inch and in quantities from 100 to 10,000 or more.

How Do Offset Lapel Pins Differ from Enamel Pins?

Both enamel pins and offset pins start out the same way. We create a custom die (or replica) of your artwork.

But that’s where the resemblance ends.

With hard and soft enamel pins, the die reproduces your artwork in reverse relief, with a definite texture. So, when the die is stamped onto the metal sheet, it creates a 3D image with raised edges and shallow recesses. Then, colored enamel is poured into those recessed areas.

But with offset printed pins, the die is smooth, not textured. And your colored artwork is not applied directly to the pin blank. Instead, it’s “offset” onto a rubber blanket, then transferred from the blanket to the pin.

As a result, the image is laid on smoothy and cleanly. There are no ridges or recesses in the metal blank – nothing to interfere with the image transfer. That’s why this process works so well with photography. It’s the same classic printing process used to print full-color brochures and magazines. And it captures your image in perfect detail, with vivid, realistic color. Even the subtlest nuances – such as fine text, shadows, and gradients – show up clearly and crisply.

What Can Offset Lapel Pins Be Used For?

There are countless reasons for choosing these premium pins.­ Here are just a few.

Collecting and Trading: In recent years, collectible trading pins have become a major trend, and there’s no end in sight. Why not get in on the action? Whether you go in for sports lapel pins featuring teams and athletes, anime pins spotlighting popular characters, or political pins boosting parties and candidates, you’ll have the chance to create memorable keepsakes while making a tidy profit. Many sellers successfully market these pins via Etsy, online trading clubs, crafts fairs, and other venues.

Years-of-Service Pins: You value your loyal employees, so why not show your appreciation in a special way with exquisitely detailed pins featuring photo-realistic imagery? Your employees will appreciate all the care and attention that goes into producing these deluxe designer pins!  

Awareness Pins: Are you promoting an important cause? Make a compelling statement with offset-printed lapel pins. Full-color photo-realism can convey your message more powerfully than just about any other medium. As the saying goes, one picture really is worth a thousand words.

Branded Pins: Are you representing a corporation, trade association, consumer group, or other branded entity? Custom offset lapel pins can help you make a bigger impact. Even corporate logos look classier when they’re offset in vibrant color. And photographic images – of headquarters, team members, you name it – look absolutely amazing.

Trade Show Pins: How do you stand out on a crowded convention floor? Offset lapel pins offer one possibility. With their precision detail, eye-catching hues, and elevated style, they can grab attendees’ attention and set you apart from your competitors.

Plus Promotional Pins, Commemorative Pins, and More – if you can dream it, we can create it.

How Would You Go About Ordering Custom Offset Lapel Pins?

First, bring us your artwork. Even if it’s just a rough idea, we can easily work with it. Our seasoned designers have specialized training in lapel pin design, so they can turn the most basic concept into finished digital art that meets your wants and needs.

Already have finished artwork on hand? That’s even better. But in either case, feel free to include photographic imagery in your design. That’s the beauty of this kind of lapel pin: It can incorporate even the most complex color photography.

Once we have your digital artwork, we’ll use it to create your custom die – the shape of your image cut from a metal sheet. As mentioned above, this shape will be totally smooth, not ridged like the dies for enamel pins.

Next, we’ll apply a base color. Then we’ll offset-print your design – via a rubber blanket – onto the metal shape. We’ll apply clear, hard epoxy to provide a gleaming finish and protect your pin from scratches. And we’ll deburr – or smooth – your pin to eliminate any sharp edges.

Finally, we’ll add the backings that attach the pin to the lapel. Choose from:

  • Rubber clutches or butterfly clutches (free of charge)
  • Deluxe clutch backs, jewelry clutches, or safety pin backs (for an additional charge)

If you like, we can combine our offset-printing method with soft or hard (cloisonné) enameling – two techniques for twice the impact. For example, we can create a decorative hard-enamel border to showcase your offset design. You’ll be amazed by the striking result.

Throughout the entire process, you’ll work with one expert representative who can guide and assist you every step of the way. Feel free to contact him or her anytime – our friendly staff is here to help!