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Custom Die Struck Challenge Coins:
Ideal for Military Honors, Membership Tokens, & More

Looking for a challenge coin to pay tribute to community heroes or welcome new members of your organization? Custom die struck challenge coins offer magnificent detail along with a regal look and feel, making them cherished mementos for all kinds of occasions.

What is a die struck challenge coin?

A die struck coin is made by using a steel die to stamp an image into a flat piece of raw metal such as copper, iron, or brass. This results in a highly detailed, two-dimensional or three-dimensional image. Each coin is individually die-struck and can be customized with any shape, logo, or design. You can even include fine lettering on your coin, such as your organization’s motto or an inspirational phrase.

Die struck challenge coins are known for their timeless, all-metal appearance. Since they’re made from solid, high-quality metal, these coins also get high marks for durability.

If you’re envisioning a vintage or antique look—or you just want your coin to have some extra flair—Sunset Pins and Coins offers an array of metal plating shades. In addition to traditional silver, gold, and other metallic tones, you can add vibrant, Pantone-matched color fills to make your challenge coin design really “pop.”

Die Struck Coin
Die Struck Coin

What are die struck coins used for?

Die struck coins are collector-grade pieces with a stately, sophisticated look that never goes out of style. Given their high-quality appearance, they’re a favorite of military units and law enforcement agencies. Customers use our die struck challenge coins for:

Military challenge coins
Masonic challenge coins
Police challenge coins
Navy challenge coins
Marine Corps challenge coins
Army challenge coins
Air Force challenge coins
Firefighter challenge coins
Employee recognition challenge coins
Award challenge coins
Membership challenge coins

Key Features of Custom Die Struck Challenge Coins

Die Struck Coin

Embossed appearance

Die Struck Coin

Elegant, all-metal look

Die Struck Coin

Renders crisp lettering and other details

Die Struck Coin

Available in any size or shape

Die Struck Coin


Die Struck Coin

Fast production time

Die Struck Coin

Ideal for: Giveaways and promotions

Order Your Custom Die Struck Coins Today

Custom die struck coins make events and achievements more meaningful while bringing people together.

With more than 20 years in the business, Sunset Pins and Coins is ready to help you create a memorable coin you’ll be proud to give. Just send us your design or logo—or rely on our experienced graphic artists for design inspiration. Our pin-savvy sales team is waiting to guide you through the entire process, step by step.

View pricing for custom die struck coins or start your order now. Questions? Call us at 800-890-2789. Our friendly representatives are ready to help!

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