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Custom Offset Printed Pins:
Striking Photographic Detail That Makes an Impression

If you want your lapel pin to have a supreme level of attention-grabbing detail, a custom offset printed pin is an outstanding choice. Thanks to their ability to portray breathtaking photographic realism, offset printed pins stand in a league of their own.

What is a offset printed pin?

Compare offset printed pins to soft and hard enamel pins side by side, and you’ll see the difference immediately. While the latter are great for logos and emblem designs, custom offset printed pins are the champion in rendering realistic scenes or a person’s image. This type of pin can capture subtle details like fine text, shadows, and gradients, making them ideal for photographic designs.

Like with other pin types, our production of offset printed pins starts with creating a custom die that reflects your artwork. Then, your die is stamped on sheets of raw metal. This sheet then undergoes metal plating, coloring, and deburring (smoothing of edges) to create your one-of-a-kind offset printed pin. Since there are no metal lines or recessed areas, we can mimic your original design with great detail and accuracy.

Offset Printed Pin
Offset Printed Pin

A fun fact about “offset” printed pins

Why are these pins called “offset” printed pins? It’s because the ink used to replicate your image is not applied directly onto the pin. Instead, it’s applied to metal using a rubber blanket and then sealed in place with clear, hard epoxy to ensure a long-lasting finish. Sunset Pins and Coins can even combine offset printed with cloisonne or soft enamel techniques to create a captivating pin like no other! For example, you can include a decorative hard enamel border to showcase and enhance your design.

What are offset printed pins used for?

When it comes to recreating photographs with stunning authenticity, offset printed pins are the clear winner. They also allow for lively, colorful logo and lettering-based designs, making them a versatile option for:

Trading pins
Years of service pins
Branded pins
Awareness pins
Commemorative pins
Tradeshow pins
Promotional pins
Sports team pins
Awareness pins

Key Features of Offset Printed Pins

Offset Printed Pin

Great for intricate, photographic images

Offset Printed Pin

Feature full-color, magazine-quality printing

Offset Printed Pin

No metal outlines/edging

Offset Printed Pin

Available in any size or shape

Offset Printed Pin

Fast production time

Offset Printed Pin

Ideal for: Trading, honoring professional or academic achievement

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