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Custom Soft Enamel Challenge Coins:
A Versatile, Budget-Friendly Customer Favorite

Soft enamel is a popular style for challenge coins; in fact, some might say it’s the industry “gold standard.” Learn more about this time-proven production technique to see if it’s the right choice for your challenge coin needs.

What is a soft enamel challenge coin?

Soft enamel challenge coins start their journey as die struck coins. Paint is then added to the recessed areas (called a colorfill), but not all the way to the top. The remaining raised metal edges serve as borders to keep the paint colors from bleeding together. This creates a unique two-dimensional effect. After the colorfill, the coins are baked. This cures the paint to a hard finish, which protects against chipping and scratches.

Soft Enamel Coin
Soft Enamel Coin

Soft enamel coins vs. hard enamel coins

You may be wondering, what’s the difference between soft enamel challenge coins and hard enamel challenge coins? The answer lies in the way the paint is added to the coins. With hard enamel, paint is still added to the recessed areas of the coin, but it’s added all the way to the top of the metal edges—and then polished. This creates a distinction in how each coin feels when you run your finger over its surface. A soft enamel coin will have a textured feel, while hard enamel will feel smooth and uniform. 

These coins differ in other important ways, too. While both are beautiful choices, soft enamel challenge coins are slightly less expensive than hard enamel. With their defined metal edges, they capture more image detail as well. You can even add color to the raised edges to make your coin image really stand out.


What are soft enamel coins used for?

Since soft enamel coins offer vivid colors, crisp detail, and a high perceived value, they’re a versatile option suitable for an array of occasions. Customers use our soft enamel challenge coins for:


Military challenge coins
First responder challenge coins
Police challenge coins
School challenge coins
University challenge coins
Corporate challenge coins
Firefighter challenge coins
Years of service challenge coins
Employee recognition challenge coins
Achievement challenge coins
Membership challenge coins

Key Features of Soft Enamel Challenge Coins

Soft Enamel Coin

Embossed appearance

Soft Enamel Coin

Embossed, textured appearance

Soft Enamel Coin

Colorful, layered design

Soft Enamel Coin

Captures subtle design details

Soft Enamel Coin

Available in any size or shape

Soft Enamel Coin


Soft Enamel Coin

Fast production time

Soft Enamel Coin

Ideal for: Awards, recognitions

Order Your Custom Soft Enamel Coins Today

With more than 20 years in the business, Sunset Pins and Coins is ready to help you create a premium challenge coin that your recipients will treasure.

View pricing for custom soft enamel coins or start your order now. Questions? Call us at 800-890-2789. Our friendly representatives are ready to help!

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