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Custom Offset Printed Challenge Coins:
The Only Choice for Photo-Quality Realism

Whether you want to remember a loved one or recognize a milestone anniversary, an offset printed challenge coin makes a bold statement. Why are they so unique? Offset printed coins let you turn a cherished photo into a memorable coin design.

What is a custom offset printed challenge coin?

An offset printed challenge coin is the best option when you want stunning photographic detail. Its fabrication process produces an exact replication of your photo onto the metal surface of your coin, using drop shadows and soft color transitions to create a lifelike image. A smooth, transparent epoxy coating is then added to protect your design from wear and tear over time.


Another benefit of an offset printed coin is that you can make it double-sided. Showcase your photo on one side—and opt for a classic metal finish on the other. You could even use the other side of your coin to display another photograph. Additionally, you can have us add custom edging, raised text, and colorfills to create the perfect frame for your photo image. It’s all up to you!

Offset Printed Coin
Offset Printed Coin

Offset printed pins vs. silkscreen printed pins

With offset printing, a print of your photo is created on a rubber blanket and then carefully rolled onto your coins. This is different than silkscreen printing, where layers of color are added to your coins after being pushed through a screen stencil made of fine mesh. While both techniques work well for highly detailed designs, offset printing is the only approach suitable for duplicating a photographic image. Silkscreen printing is great for non-photo designs with small, intricate details.

What are offset printed coins used for?

Their ability to include a personal photo is the biggest thing that sets offset printed coins apart. This makes them a great choice for honoring special people and groups. Customers love our offset printed coins for:

Military challenge coins
Memorial challenge coins
Anniversary challenge coins
Sports team challenge coins
Award challenge coins
Corporate challenge coins
Employee recognition challenge coins
Reunion challenge coins

Key Features of Offset Printed Coins

Offset Printed Coin

Replicates photographs with precision

Offset Printed Coin

Durable epoxy finish

Offset Printed Coin

Souvenir quality

Offset Printed Coin

Available in any size or shape

Offset Printed Coin

Ideal for: Memorials, anniversaries, awards

Order Your Custom Offset Printed Coins Today

Offset printed challenge coins make a touching remembrance, gift, or souvenir. Let Sunset Pins and Coins help you design a coin that fits your unique vision.

View pricing for offset printed challenge coins or start your order now. Questions? Call us at 800-890-2789. Our friendly representatives are ready to help!

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